Nokia Comes With Music Singapore – Unlimited Music Downloads In A Year

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Nokia has officially launched their ‘Comes with Music’ service in Singapore on the 27th February.

The service brings you unlimited downloads of music for 12 months from their ‘Comes with Music’ store, which boasts an extensive library of 4 million (and counting) tracks from huge music labels and even some asian labels such as Ocean Butterflies and Rock Records.

The catch for such a good deal is that you must own one of their ‘Comes with Music’ handsets. There are 6 of them as of now and they are the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, N96, N85 and N79. Users can download from the ‘Comes with Music’ store right off most of the mentioned handsets or on their PCs through an application.

There is no subscription fee or download limit to speak of if you are wondering about that. Users can also keep their music after their 12 months of free, unlimited downloads.

I got to attend their media event held at Zouk prior to ‘Earn Your Stripes’ party thanks to the awesome folks at Text 100 who remembered that I am was an avid user of the Nokia N95 8GB. It’s kinda ironic attending a Nokia event based on that fact, seeing that I have move to the Apple iPhone after a decade of using Nokia products like the indestructable Nokia 3210.

Pictures of the event.

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Funny Hosts – Vernon and Justin

nokia comes with music all american rejects3 300x225
The All-American Rejects who sat 3 feet from me!

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The issue of DRM is pretty important for users like me and unfortunately, Nokia ‘Comes with Music’ isn’t DRM free. The good news is that Nokia is working to change that. If this is materialized, users will definitely benefit seeing that there isn’t even a hint of the Apple iTunes music store being made available to Singapore.

I still love Nokia and seeing Nokia bring a legal music download service to Singapore ahead of Apple, brings much joy to a Nokia fanboy.

Watch The Singapore Slingers Game On A Live Feed Tonight!

For those who are too busy to watch the awesome Singapore Slingers games in the Singapore Challenge Series at the Indoor Stadium, I’ve got great news for you!

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No more drooling at the stills above from Jason and his flickr site! (But you should always still check out his pics after the game. icon razz )

Watch the game live tonight at 7.40pm right here!!!

The last time a team won the Singapore Slingers in the series was when they faced off Sydney Spirits, so I expect a thriller for the game tonight against the Darwin All-Stars! Don’t miss it for the world!

Do point your browers to if you guys have any problems viewing the feed above.

7.40pm TONIGHT! (16th December 2008).

Don’t you forget!

Preview of Flight of the Conchords at HBO Asia Office!

fotc blogger pass

Thanks to the Su Min of Text 100, I got invited to attend a Blogger event at HBO Asia office for a tour and preview of one of their latest additions to the HBO lineup, Flight of the Conchords. I am a big fan of many, many, MANY TV series and I haven’t heard of Flight of the Conchords ever. It wasn’t until Claudia posted an entry about the show that got me interested. And boy! It was hilarious and entertaining!



“Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie – a.k.a. Flight of the Conchords – may be “New Zealand’s 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo,” but in the USA, finding someone who knows their act is about as easy as finding a kiwi nest in Central Park! To rectify this oversight, Jemaine and Bret have moved to New York’s East Village to conquer America, one fan (literally) at a time.

In this irreverent half-hour musical comedy series new HBO series, Jemaine and Bret (playing naïve, fictionalized versions of themselves) move to downtown Manhattan, where they try to land gigs and pursue relationships with elusive women, both with marginal success. As we see, the duo’s innocent, misguided efforts rarely yield dividends, but they do spawn an abundance of plaintive Conchord tunes about life, love, and the pursuit of an elusive music video.”

-Extracted from HBO


I arrived with Claudia at our destination and bumped into Nadnut on the way to the HBO Asia office. We were greeted warmly by the Text 100 & HBO crew and plenty other bloggers joined us like Jerrick, Nicholas, Hillary, Rinaz, Sheylara, Musxzart & many other bloggers accompanied by their +1s.

The HBO crew took us for a short but informative tour around their superb office and we got to see the various departments and crew that are responsible for bringing life to the movies, series and trailers that you see on HBO. In the sound editing room, a volunteer was asked to do a short recording and guess what? I was ‘volunteered’.

Into the recording room I go and I was asked to grunt, “ARRRRRRGHHHHH!!!” 3 times.

Not being sure how I sound as my ears were muted from my voice, I went out to see that the sound guru was ready to incorporate my grunt into the trailer. Roars of laughter filled the room as my voice was in heard in that HBO trailer. Seeing that he could squeeze more laughter from the crowd, he played that portion of the trailer a few more times to the delight of the ‘I-can’t-believe-this-funny-shit’ crowd.

The genre of the trailer was ‘Horror’ by the way.

We ended the tour of the office at the lounge that many employees will kill for to have and stuffed our faces with the delicious food catered by Absolutely New Zealand. After having one too many of their fabulous desserts, we plonked ourselves on the comfy couches and watched 2 episodes of Flight of the Conchords. What a great way to end the event!

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[Image from Claudia]


Some pictures of the stuffs in the goodie bag!

fotc goodies

flight of the conchords
Flight of the Conchords OST! WOOO HOOO!!

fotc inside cd cover

Flight of the Conchords premieres on HBO today at 10.30pm! There is also a video contest in which you can take part to win a Mac Book Air!!

16 Bloggers Died in a Dream

KuKuNehNeh (KKNN) has this amazing ability to remember most of her dreams in vivid detail. I am always amazed whenever she recounts the events from her dreams in such details I do have other friends who has this ability and they are all female.


For me, I hardly remember most of my dreams except for some that occurred when I was younger which are either too troublesome to type or too R21 to publish. Most of the time I would wake up with some memory of the dream and forget it as soon as I proceed with my daily activities.

Anyway, KKNN told me of this dream she had recently and it is so weird that I have to share it to the best of my memory.


KKNN was out on the beach with a bunch of her friends (I asked her if I was there and she wasn’t sure. WAHAHAHAHAA). She looked out into the sea and noticed a friend was in the waters. The friend was waving back and there was a shark which was very close to her. KKNN frantically waved back to her and warned her of the shark while making all sorts of hand gestures. KKNN and her friends noticed that the tide was rising rapidly and they hurried further inshore to stay away from the water and the shark.

They came to a hole in the ground with a spiral staircase leading downwards. Ignoring the plea from her friend that it might be dangerous, KKNN made her way down the stairs and found a place that looked like a factory (Although it sounded illogical to be hiding under the ground when there is a potential flood, KKNN claimed that the place is sealed from the water).

After waiting for awhile, she knew that the danger was over and she went to the same staircase that lead upwards. A friend of hers was at the staircase and said,

“Don’t go up.”

“Why?” KKNN asked.

“A lot of people died.”


“16 Bloggers.”


WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!! Don’t ask me why she dreams of such stuff.