The World’s First Pregnant Man, Thomas Beatie

When news start to report of the world’s 1st pregnant man, many thought it to be a joke or a prank. As people start to dig further into this news, the truth started to reveal and it was in fact….


Introducing…(drum roll), Thomas Beatie, the world’s FIRST pregnant MAN!!!

thomas beatie
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THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Not like the PSP story I cooked up.

Thomas Beatie WAS a woman and he is legally male and also married to a real woman named Nancy. Legally male, by doing chest reduction and testosterone therapy but he still kept his female genitalia.

In Singaporean terms the above means he chop off his neh neh, go inject girl girl essence and kept his ‘oyster’ because he don’t want to install a ‘kuku bird”.

Imagine years down the road when his child(it’s a girl) grows up and start to ask of his origins.

Child: “Mummy! I heard that children come from birds called stocks!”

Nancy: “YES MY DEAR!”



“Mummy, I actually learn in school today that babies come from Mummies”

“Erm…. yes.”

“Do did I come from you?”

“Er… no.”

“Then from who?”

“From your Daddy actually.”

“So Daddy is actually Mummy?”

“Er… yes but not quite. I am your Mummy.”

“So I have TWO MUMMIES?”

“Yes!” (Wipes sweat)

“So…. Wheres DADDY?”


Jokes aside, I think he is very brave to step out and tell his story. Before you all start to judge and ask why he would do such a thing, he actually has a reason behind this. His wife Nancy, fell ill and is unable to concieve. He then stopped his medication and started to have menstrual cycles again. Doctor after doctor that they approached refused to do the insemination for them due to their religious beliefs. Relatives shunned them, people laughed at them. Only after a year that they manage to get an anonymous sperm donor and did the insemination themselves.

They did succeed but complications led to a life threatening event and resulted in losing his embryos and his right fallopian tube. His 2nd successful attempt resulted in the healthy girl that he is carrying now.

According to Perez, he is due to conceive on 3rd July and will be appearing on Oprah!

This is one of those ‘wierd but sweet stories’.

Thomas Beatie, I salute him…her… er… him?

(Can’t help taking one more swipe at her… er.. I mean him icon smile )

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