Nokia Comes With Music Singapore – Unlimited Music Downloads In A Year

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Nokia has officially launched their ‘Comes with Music’ service in Singapore on the 27th February.

The service brings you unlimited downloads of music for 12 months from their ‘Comes with Music’ store, which boasts an extensive library of 4 million (and counting) tracks from huge music labels and even some asian labels such as Ocean Butterflies and Rock Records.

The catch for such a good deal is that you must own one of their ‘Comes with Music’ handsets. There are 6 of them as of now and they are the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, N96, N85 and N79. Users can download from the ‘Comes with Music’ store right off most of the mentioned handsets or on their PCs through an application.

There is no subscription fee or download limit to speak of if you are wondering about that. Users can also keep their music after their 12 months of free, unlimited downloads.

I got to attend their media event held at Zouk prior to ‘Earn Your Stripes’ party thanks to the awesome folks at Text 100 who remembered that I am was an avid user of the Nokia N95 8GB. It’s kinda ironic attending a Nokia event based on that fact, seeing that I have move to the Apple iPhone after a decade of using Nokia products like the indestructable Nokia 3210.

Pictures of the event.

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Funny Hosts – Vernon and Justin

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The All-American Rejects who sat 3 feet from me!

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The issue of DRM is pretty important for users like me and unfortunately, Nokia ‘Comes with Music’ isn’t DRM free. The good news is that Nokia is working to change that. If this is materialized, users will definitely benefit seeing that there isn’t even a hint of the Apple iTunes music store being made available to Singapore.

I still love Nokia and seeing Nokia bring a legal music download service to Singapore ahead of Apple, brings much joy to a Nokia fanboy.

Move Over Usain Bolt. Meet The Singapore MRT Passenger.

I was waiting at City Hall MRT station one evening, waiting for KuKuNehNeh to knock off from work. I took a seat at one of the benches facing the glass doors of the NS line (towards Jurong East) and was busy surfing away on my Nokia N95. Whenever I hear the glass and train doors open from the EW line on the other side of the platform, it’s normal to expect to hear a huge splatter of sounds from passengers who would walk briskly towards the opposite platform where I was, to catch the train heading northwards.

Usually, my face will be buried in my phone’s screen but right after I hear the train doors open from the EW Line, a pair of legs made itself very distinctively different from the rest of the footsteps. I heard footsteps of someone in heels, sprinting towards where I was sitting and I looked up in time to see a woman, probably in her late 30s dashing across the corner and towards the first glass door of the platform. She then stood right in front of the doors with her face just merely inches away from the glass.

You would probably think like I did, that the train was probably reaching but no. I looked up at the terminal and the next train will only be arriving in 5 mins. There the woman was, standing with feet wide apart with her arms crossed in front of the doors and close enough to stick her tongue out to reach the surface of the glass, looking as though she’ll stab anyone with her heels who dares to try entering the train cabin before her.

Did I mention that the train was only arriving FIVE MINUTES LATER?


People-watching during such moments are priceless. I wish I can record pictures and videos with my eyes sometimes.

The Complaints of an NSman

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I am serving my first In-Camp Training (ICT) this week as an National Serviceman (NSman) and it’s been a wealth of emotions and feelings leading up to Monday and the completion of the first day in the camp.

1 year and 3 months have passed since I left the Air Force as a regular and the stressed job of being an Air Traffic Controller. The memories of the 4 and a half years spent in the service still lingers in the recesses of my brain (whatever is left of it).

I need approximately 2 hours to travel via public transport from my home to my squadron in the east and I wanted to rest early. I tried to sleep from 12 midnight and could only doze off into a semi-conscious state at around 3am because I stressed myself out from thinking of all the situations in difficult controlling situations.

Besides the insane amount of travelling time, another big complaint I have is that I cannot bring any gadgets like my laptop, psp or my Nokia N95 into camp and that means ZERO entertainment for 4 hrs of travelling everyday and not being able to take any nap in the train ride as well. Wearing the Air Force uniform with officer epulettes and sleeping on the train is akin to shouting out loud,



So, for the 1st time in a decade or more, I went to the library to borrow books to help me pass time in the train. BOOKS! I know people STILL read books but to me, that’s such a retro form of entertainment.

BOOKS! *rolls eyes*

Beckham is in Man United and Ronaldo is Dead???

I was told by KuKuNehNeh (KKNN) that there will be a surprise for me on Saturday evening. I am not the type who would die if I do not know what it is but I still tried to irritate her by asking about it every now and then.

“So where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise lar.”

“Is it a restaurant?”


“Are we watching a show?”


“Are you selling me away?”

“Nooooooooooooooooo~!!!! And stop asking!”


So I ended up at City Hall with her trying to lead the way.

“So where are we going?”

“It’s a SURPRISE.”

“Are we going to the Esplanade?”


“Are we going to the museum?”


“Are you selling me away?”

“Nooooooooooooooooo~!!!! And stop asking!”

(After 10 mins of walking)

“Eh! It should be the correct way leh!” She stood in the middle of nowhere and exclaimed.

“Erm… You want me to use my GPS?”

“Er….. Okay lor.”


We were walking in the complete opposite direction and were once against saved by the mighty krisandro…. and his GPS equipped Nokia N95.

Seah Street was where she wanted to go and the place that we ended up at was at her friends pub called ‘Shanghai Jazz’. Purpose there? To watch the big game between Liverpool and Manchester United. To think she was acting all blur when I casually mentioned about the game after seeing a couple of guys wearing jerseys a few moments ago.

Settling down into our seats with a pint of Hoegaarden each, she kept emphasizing that she is a ‘die-hard Man U fan’. The screen showed both teams standing in the tunnel before the walk onto the field.

She looked at the teams and turned to me and asked,

“Red colour one is Man U right?”

“No lar. White one is Man U, Red one is Liverpool.”

“Where is MY Ronal….”

“Who?” (Acting blur.)

“How to pronounce his name ah? The Ronal… something one.”

“Ronaldo lar!”

“YAH YAH! Where is MY Ronaldo?”

“You dunno meh? He died.” (He is out because of an injury)



“Eh Dear…”


Where’s Beckham?


So much for being a ‘die-hard Man U fan’. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!! Read her account of the day over here.