The Thing About Marriage…

As I approach the dreaded big 30, the topic of marriage always lurk around corners. There will be friends of similar age who are getting hitched and are waiting for their HDB to be ready within the next few years. There are those who are already married with a kid or even two. And then there is the girlfriend like mine who is just waiting for me to pop the question.

Love and Marriage 387x490

Credits to hammer51012

The thing about marriage is…… I don’t believe in it if it’s about love.

I always have big notions about love and relationships and it might seem contradicting to my view above but I think marriage is one of the worst things that can be done for most people in love. It makes leaving each other harder if the love is gone.

“The root cause of divorce is …… marriage” - heard over the radio

In many ways, doesn’t it ring true? A marriage is a contract. If two are in love, why is there a need for a contract to bind them together? If one cheated on the other and decided to stay together because of a contract, is it love? If you know of an old couple who has been married for the last 50 years, would you think that they truly love each other? If you know of an old couple who stayed together for the last 50 years without marriage, wouldn’t you think that the latter couple is DEFINITELY much more in love than the former?

If you love someone, you just do; you don’t need to be legally bound to remind you that you should love him/her do you? Marriage is an administrative procedure that allows a couple to do many things legally but does nothing really good for the relationship in the love department. Some might say the marriage protects the woman. When the relationship turns south, the woman is helped legally in many ways. I say, unless the woman is a money grubbing one, she loses more than she gains from a divorce.

Divorce and the social ramifications that stem from it makes it troublesome and difficult to go through.

My point is that marriage is not the ultimate nor the final thing one can do for love. Marriage and love are mutually exclusive. Love can exist without marriage and marriage can be kept without love.

If you want to know if a person is available, don’t ask if he/she is married. Ask if he/she is in love.

I love KuKuNehNeh, and thus I shall comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to her, so long as I shall live. Sounds familiar? It’s an adaptation of a version of wedding vows that one will take in Singapore and it’s ALREADY true for me. Note that I love her and thus I am/will do all that follows (comfort, honour, faithful….). If I am already doing all that without marriage, why do I have to marry her, take vows of love, promise of eternal faithfulness and care when it can all end with divorce.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll marry my dear KuKuNehNeh in the not so distant future. In fact, I’ve been constantly thinking of ways to propose to her for the last year and more. I know she’ll say ‘yes’ of course but my motive is to make her cry buckets with the proposal. So why do I want to marry her when I don’t believe in marriage?

I’ll marry her not because I love her. I’ll marry her because of all the advantages that society only gives to those who are legally bound by marriage; kids, housing and all. Sounds shallow doesn’t it? But if you really think into what I said, KuKuNehNeh is a very lucky woman because I love her and already treat her as well as a husband should.

Now, to save up for the money sucking activities that society demands for a piece of paper.

The Lovebird Family

After much careful consideration, the 3 baby lovebirds are named Tweeter, Puffy and Noa.

Why those names?

Noa, the youngest lovebird, is the 4th child of Bluey and Greenbean and so she is ‘No.4′. And since ’4′ often represents the letter ‘a’ in L33t sp34k (Elite speak) in the geek world, ‘No.4′ = Noa!

Puffy is named because she audibly huffs and puffs whenever I pick her up. I was intending to name her HuffPuff but KuKuNehNeh decided against it.

Tweeter is named as such because….. well…. She tweets.

Here are some pictures of them!

baby lovebird tweeter 300x225


baby lovebird noa 300x225


baby lovebirds tweeter puffy noa 300x225

From L to R: Tweeter, Puffy & Noa

baby lovebirds puffy tweeter noa 300x225

From L to R: Puffy, Noa & Tweeter

They are absolutely adorable at this age (Tweeter & Puffy @ 4 weeks+, Noa @ 3 weeks+) and all they want is the baby handfeeding formula and to cuddle up to my warm palms. I know I am spoiling all the mood of this cute post by saying, all birds love a good stroke.

Yep… It’s true, the 3 birds love it when you stroke their cheeks and heads.

They are also very active! Check out the video below.


And to help you guys understand the complex structure of our lovebird family. Here is a family tree!

lovebird family tree 490x334

Awesome Family Tree isn't it?

Pictures Of The Lovebirds Over The Weekend

The baby lovebirds are doing fine and they grow by the minute! We haven’t decided on the names yet but we are seriously considering your suggestions!

lovebirds babies sleeping 300x225

Help Me Name The Baby Lovebirds!

For those that have been following me on Twitter and Plurk, you guys probably know that my bird family has expanded considerably!

KuKuNehNeh and I have 7 lovebirds now in total and they are:

lovebird bluey 225x300

Bluey! 10 months old and mother of 4!

spider lovebird greenbean 225x300

Greenbean! 9 months old and father of 4! (he thinks he is a spider sometimes)

lovebird uno 225x300

Uno! 10 weeks old and first child of Bluey and Greenbean

baby lovebird mango2 300x225

Mango! 5 weeks old! Ain't she a beauty?

Bluey was very quick to start a family after Uno and for the 2nd batch of eggs that she laid, 3 were hatched out of the 6.

baby lovebirds 300x225

Bluey's 2nd batch of eggs and chicks

Look at the size difference! The two larger chicks are only 2 days apart from each other with the oldest one at 12 days old at the time of the pic above and the smallest one is at 2 days old. Before the birth of the runt, we had probably accepted that were only 2 chicks from this batch but this little one surprised us all.

The 2 larger baby lovebirds are now 15 and 17 days old and are being handfed. They don’t have names yet! So to save us from the lack of imagination and them from being called Bird #1 and Bird #2, help me think of names to call them!

baby lovebirds2 490x367

Bird #1 & Bird #2... look at how sad they are with no names....

Leave me your suggestions in the comments below!

Try not to give names longer than 2 syllables.  When I want the lovebirds over, it’s hard to say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! COME HERE!”

I leave you with more pics of the lovebirds!

lovebird uno pull ups 225x300

Uno attempting pull-ups

baby lovebird mango 300x225

Mango loves a warm hand.

lovebirds krisandro 300x225

Me with Greenbean, Bluey & Uno