Remembering That Interesting Stalker I Had

I had this male Taiwanese friend in secondary school who was very good looking, intelligent, suave, athletic and had a great bod to boot. He was so good looking that girls squeal when he walks past and guys would gossip about him.

At that time, I was about 13 years of age when I knew him and I didn’t really notice all the buzz about him but a year later, we became closer friends and went out together with a bunch of guys. It was only on that day that I saw the power her had. He was about 2 or 3 years our senior and throughout the day, girls of all ages will stare at him and swoon. I am serious. Young girls will glance at him and turn to their groups and you can hear all sorts of compliments about his looks. Older women will try to act refined but you’ll see them steal glances at him now and then. To top it off, on that day itself, at least 3 different girls tried to pick him up.

GIRLS! In 1995! Picking up a GUY!!! That is already so rare in this day and age, much less in those times. He would react to those advances in the most nonchalant way, at most giving only a smile and a nod of the head and then look away. What will those girls do? THEY LIKE HIM EVEN MORE! They even approach us as though we were his minions and ask us,

“我可以认识你的朋友吗?” (Can I know your friend?)

From that day, I acknowledged his power and half wanted to kill him while half wanting to be him.


I for one, is not the good looking kind like the friend I mentioned. I was nerdy looking and had a ‘bowl cut’ hair. For those who don’t know what is a ‘bowl cut’ hair, it’s a hairstyle that looks as though the barber placed a bowl on top of your head and cut off your fringe from the edges.

28 img 2393

What’s worse than looking like that in Sec 1? I was the SECOND SHORTEST guy in class, standing at 1.52m in height. In Sec 2, I grew to a height of 1.53m but the shortest guy in class outgrew me and so I was the shortest guy in Sec 2.

That guy’s name was Larry. Larry, being the shortest in class had to sit at the front of the class just like me. Larry sat closer the the OHP screen and was always the one jumping for that screen which he had to pull down before the projector can be used. So, for that whole bloody year, he jumped and jumped and before I could plot to chop his legs off, he was taller than me.

ohp screen

I remember taking over his duties in Sec 2, but you guys know how life likes to play jokes on me and I stayed short.


I started to grow only when I was 15 and I was crazily involved in soccer. Me and my friends would play soccer 6 days a week. Mondays to Fridays, we played street soccer at a basketball court near my house and on Saturdays, we would play on the field.

One weekday on the court playing football, I heard a female voice coming out of nowhere shouting,



Me and my friends stopped play abruptly and asked each other if we heard the same thing. We were amused but we couldn’t find the source of the voice from where we stood and continued anyway. For the next few weeks, the same thing will happen every now and then. And a couple of times, I will spot a bunch of girls giggling and running away from the pillar they hid behind where the girl called my name. My friends deduced that they got my name easily because in soccer, names are always being called.




So, that was probably how the girl got my name.


Someone I don’t know is screaming my name! Maybe when I play soccer, I look like…..

[Image from]


I never got to see the face of the girl stalker as I was usually very engrossed in my game and wouldn’t bother to go chasing after her whenever she calls out for me. But one day as I was walking from the court towards my house, a voice came from a bush.


I turned around to face the bush and stared at it for awhile.

I started to hear some giggles coming from it again and a younger voice screamed.


I started to walk towards the bush and called out,


At this point in time, there were probably 10+ kaypoh people standing in their kitchens, looking out at a giggling and talking bush and a boy walking towards the bush as though he wants to talk to it.

Before I reached the bush, 3 or 4 girls ran away in the opposite direction and I think I saw the face of the girl who was the amusing stalker as she was the only one that looked back at me.

From then onwards, she nor the girls ever did that again. I would like to think that she outgrew her crush on me but they probably got scared after seeing my face at close range.


So, despite not being that good looking like my Taiwanese friend, I had one experience of being stalked and it was very amusing while it lasted.

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17 thoughts on “Remembering That Interesting Stalker I Had

  1. I wasn’t better in secondary school…just about 1 cm taller than you only. =( One of the shortest in class too…

    And I didn’t have a female stalker…

  2. why they hide in bushes one?! so tak glam no wonder they paiseh to face u ever again lor…

    chio anot?

    Wendys last blog post..I’m nominated for CAPL Awards Night 2008… apparently…

  3. at least u were stalked by a gal lar………..
    i was stalked by a guy that i even went to another block to get up the lift so he will go away!! sad right ahhaha! but its funny!

    Stephens last blog post..1

  4. xinyun> Oh yes! … you remind me of another story which i should blog abt.

    MLMaestro> Wierd isn’t it? Gils will freak out in disgust if they had a stalker.. Guy feel good if they had one.. Lol

    Jester> Judging from your response… I think you stalk right… hehe

    Bernard> Maybe you also have… he/she/it hasn’t been discovered yet. :D

    nik> yah…. the bush part had me smiling when I recalled it.

    Mintea> Y thank you~ *bows*

    Wendy> Eh.. i don’t rmb her face at all now leh. But most likely, she looks like Jessica Alba lar. :p

    Mimi> 1.77m now! Not very tall but I am sure I am taller than ‘Larry’. haha~

    Stephen> You lucky dude you. He could have made that incident newsworthy.


  5. I was 1.60m when i was sec 1… haha~ the 2nd tallest girl in my class and since then my height never really increase much till now… -.-”

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